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Swarm Season & Niagara Bee Rescue

It’s swarm season!

What is a “swarm”? Very simply, a swarm is when a bee hive naturally splits off-from its original hive and starts a new hive at a different location. This is a natural process that the queen bee and honeybees conduct completely on their own. Natural swarming has been a critical to the survival of the honeybee species over time.

Has a honeybee swarm landed on your property? If you’d like it removed, let us know by emailing our beekeeper here – if the swarm is accessible / visible, he’ll safely remove it for you. Our beekeepers are provide to provide Bee Rescuing services to the Niagara Region.

Are swarms dangerous? No! Swarms are technically, homeless bees, as they are looking for a new home for the colony. They are not interested in nectar or humans for that matter. We don’t recommend interacting with the swarm but it is safe to approach a bit closer then normal to take a look at the bees as they are not protecting a hive full of honey.

An important thing to remember about honeybee swarms is that they move quickly, so if a swarm lands on your property and you want it removed please contact us as soon as possible if you see one.

Cheers to the start of summer!