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Select Pinot Noir

$21.95 750 ml

The 2013 Select Series Pinot Noir shows a great combination of primary fruits and secondary winemaking characters. Red fruits are the main focus of this lighter bodied wine, with sour cherry, cranberry and raspberry all present. The wine also has an earthiness which shows through as freshly turned soil and dried leaves. Behind these notes there are also hints of smoke and spice, developed during its time in French oak barriques. This is a well-rounded Pinot Noir that candidly shows both its terroir and winemaking influences in the glass.

100% VEGAN friendly wine. No animal-based fining agents used to produced this wine. 


Alcohol: 12.7%
Residual Sugar: 5.4 g/L
Acidity: 6.02 g/L
pH: 3.78

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