500g Skep

$12.00 500g

A squeezable bottle of honey that’s perfect to drizzle atop of baked goods, open face sandwiches, cheese or ice cream, or used in glazes and salad dressings. It’s easy to use and leaves your hands sticky-free, making clean up a breeze. Hot tip: it’s great for sweetening your tea or coffee.


Our honey will crystallize naturally over time. To re-liquify, simply place the jar in a pot of water on low heat and wait until it returns to a liquid state. Please do not microwave the jar. If you are in a hurry, with a spoon remove a small amount of the crystallized honey and warm in a low power setting in a microwave safe container. 

Much like wine, honey will vary in aroma, taste and colour from year-to-year reflecting characteristics of both the season and region. 


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