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Old Smokey Release

Almost three years after the initial fermentation we’re honoured to present Old Smokey – our Bourbon-barrel aged bochet (caramelized-honey mead). This unique mead is the result of a series of (un)happy accidents coupled with an extremely determined and innovative team of winemakers. Old Smokey began its early life as liquid honey, but with a quick slip of the hand it was completely burnt. Instead of throwing it away, we decided to ferment it dry. Following the fermentation, it was matured in tank for over 1.5 years before a refrigeration truck (where it was being stored) had a malfunction and the mead was completely frozen. Thinking we were going to completely discard it after thawing, we were curious to taste this enigma. To our surprise, the mead had actually improved and tasted better than ever. We then decided to transfer it into french oak barriques for several months to allow the journey to continue. To finish, it was allowed to age in freshly emptied Kentucky Bourbon barrels for the last 6 months of maturation (because why not?). Bottled at 19% abv unfined and unfiltered, we expect this mead to continue aging gracefully for many years to come.

$60 / 500ml / 2 bottle maximum person

Only 1000 bottles will be released this Saturday (November 4, 2017) at 11am in our wine shop. First come, first served. Old Smokey will be available via pickup only in our shop, and will not be available online or shipped. We are humbled by the enormous interest in Old Smokey already and do not expect it to last long in our shop. There is a 2 bottle max purchase (per person) in hopes that as many as possible try this one-of-a-kind mead.

Please contact us via email – [email protected] or phone 905-563-4383 if you have any questions.

Thanks for joining us on this mead-filled journey.